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Single Installation can avoid 2.2 million miles of CO2 vehicle pollution; 12-times more than solar.


Engineered to outperform rooftop solar by 50-fold. Works in natural, shaded, and even indoor light.


Earth-abundant organic materials. Liquid coatings, ideal for high speed production.


Under one year, Industry’s fastest calculated financial return.


CNBC: Industrial Revolutions


SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. (OTC:WNDW) is developing the first-of-their-kind electricity-generating see-through windows and products for America’s 85 million detached homes and commercial buildings.

SolarWindow Adds Architectural and Manufacturing Expertise for Production of Electricity-Generating Glass Products188bet亚洲体育()

Scottsdale, AZ – July 30th, 2019 – SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. (Symbol: WNDW; www.), developer of transparent liquid coatings that convert ordinary glass into electricity-generating windows, is pleased to announce the appointment of  Mr. Paul Devers and Mr. Paco Bono to its Advisory Board to advance process integration and the planned production of its electricity-generating glass products.

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SolarWindow Launches Brand Awareness Campaign for Planned Electricity-Generating Window Product Line188bet金宝博亚洲体育

Scottsdale, AZ – June 3rd, 2019 – SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. (OTC: WNDW; www.), developer of transparent liquid coatings that convert passive windows into electricity-generating windows, is pleased to announce that it has initiated plans to introduce its planned electricity-generating glass products to potential customers, architects, designers, engineers, developers, contractors and glaziers, and commercial building owners.

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Our mission has been to create products which produce clean electricity, financially reward our customers, and benefit the environment. A bold undertaking.


You may call SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. toll-free at 800-213-0689, or you may send an email using our contact form.


Yes, SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. is a next-generation alternative and renewable energy developer. It is currently publicly traded under the ticker symbol: WNDW on the OTCQB exchange in the USA.

Following the change to our Company name, we also changed our ticker to ‘WNDW’, effective March 12, 2015, from ‘NENE’.


SolarWindow™ is a novel technology for generating sustainable electricity by collecting light energy from the sun and artificial sources. The Company’s SolarWindow™ technology generates electrical energy when the electricity-generating coating is applied to glass and plastic surfaces. SolarWindow™ could potentially be used on any of the more than 85 million commercial and residential buildings in the United States alone. SolarWindow™ technology is the subject a patent-pending technology.


SolarWindow™ coatings utilize an organic photovoltaic (OPV) solar array composed of ultra-small solar cells, fabricated using mostly hydrogen-carbon based substances.

OPV cells are a third generation solar technology that convert light energy into electricity by the photovoltaic effect. When interconnected in a grid-like arrangement, an array of these OPV cells increase the voltage potential and electrical current in a given area. The Company is developing a proprietary OPV solar coating to generate electricity on glass and flexible plastics, while remaining see-through.


We currently have several product development goals for our SolarWindow™ technology:

  • SolarWindow™- Commercial – A flat glass product for installation in new commercial towers under construction and replacement windows;
  • SolarWindow™-Structural Glass – Structural glass walls and curtains for tall structures;
  • SolarWindow™-Architectural Glass – Textured and decorative interior glass walls, room dividers, etc.
  • SolarWindow™-Residential – A window glass for installation in new residential homes under construction and replacement windows;
  • SolarWindow™-Flex – Flexible films which may be applied directly on to glass, similar to aftermarket window tint films, for retrofit to existing commercial towers, buildings, and residential homes; and
  • SolarWindow™-BIPV – Building product components associated with building-integrated-photovoltaic (―BIPV) applications in homes, buildings, and office towers.
  • SolarWindow™ coatings for commercial and military aircraft, and the safety and security of military pilots.

Other products may be developed during the commercialization of SolarWindow™ and the electricity-generating coating.



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